7102 Profades 10​-​26 Parts by ML7102 #joelefthandrecords #75dab

https://kamauchieng.bandcamp.com/album/7102-profades-10-26-parts A Birthday Creation for 10-26-20 7102 Profades 10-26 Parts The Styles are detailed Moments in life We live and be knowing loving the self. Your oppressor is condescending and will side with their likeness before they ever support you. A fool who has never earned will never understand what working means. We sharp we cut fades .. #blackness #biko70 #75dab
released October 26, 2020

produced by ML7102

art by Marcellous Lovelace

mixed by vortx of distorsun

recorded at Black Person In Phoenix (10/26/2020)

catalog number JLH7102PF1026P

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