Searching Love Around Basic Plan It


Space Song Shift Six

Crooked Toe Nail Jam

Loving Likeness Retrograde

Better Best Self

Life for That Party

Loving Self Awareness One

Internet Droids Repost Bots Insanity (Level One) ft. Odessa Brown

Empty Optional Portions

Loving Self Awareness Five

Preparation Resonates

The Land of Death Murder

Space Song Shift Ten

©2021 Joe Left Hand Records

Produced by Material iLLside

Lyrics by Infinito 2017 (Infinito One /ASCAP)

We are an extension of our understandings and experiences on this planet. We only know what we are able to comprehend as we teach our self the basic resources for survival. Words are simple examples of thoughts communicated, so love is subjective in our translations. This album was written by Infinito 2017 outside of the lines and restraints of oppression. The album was produced by Material iLLside inside a land where we seek our independence. This album was arranged by ML7102 in Watts California, the only thing that’s important is freedom!


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