Reaching Inside For Me Self Lone

SunDay Part One

SunRay Part Two

She Be Wanting His Sexxx

Unwanted Usage of My Time Being Used ft Infinito 2017

Jumping Over Micro Sleep

Drifting River North Nothing

So They Thought They Passed (Not Sub Urban Mix)

Escapism Living Outside they Bubble

Melodies of The Incorrectness

Leaving Her Arizona Naked

Not Watching Zero Media (West Lords Mix)

Written + Produced + Arranged by Marcellous Lovelace (South Phoenix, AZ) Mixed + Mastered by Vortx of Distorsun (Watts, CA) via; Email When I was young my mother wouldn’t let us get all the cuts and designs in our fades My Late Uncle Frank allowed my cousins to get any lines they wanted I always thought that was dope, NEPHEW OF FRANK RECORDS // CUE BALL ENT. My Birthday is October 26th; I just make an album and release it I draw the cover and save as the file as a 6000×6000 TIFF / PSD About 400 – 1200 DPI convert to JPG of a original idea I create Featuring my cousin Infinito 2017 // Hornets Projects // Helena Surreal #75dab #biko70 #nappy9folics #aco #gtd [not like other people] Tuesday October 26th 2021 Art by Marcellous Lovelace


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