Infinito 2017

Born October 26, in Chicago, Marcellous Lamont Lovelace: Broadcasting the most interesting Hip Hop Music you’ve ever heard in your life. Teaching and informing African people (and others) about Self Esteem, Awareness, Determination, Fighting Against Tricknology, Freedom Fighting, Nationalism, Skills, Making New music on a constant basis to allow for better free thought // over 2000 albums recorded.

Dion Brown x Cool D

Born in Chicago,Illinois 4/1/1975.Was first introduce to Hip-Hop at an early age of 11 years old.Started to gain confidence by break-dancing in the the 1980’s started to listen to jazz and later starting making Casio beat tapes in 1988.A part of JOE LEFT HAND RECORDS Production T.E.A.M. Vortx Of DistorSun


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vortx of distorsun

The production, handled by the collective of vortx of distorsun (Dion Brown, Jams da Boombox, Life Line Eternal, Cool D, In Otha Wordz) has that understated jazzy quality that gives the album a laid back, ambling pace. Chopped vocal samples of singer Azra Nawal are a common sound throughout the tracks, at times giving them an eerie sense of deja-vu, like a half remembered memory. Lyrics, by vortx of distorsun, are largely abstract and are delivered in harmony with the progressive instrumentals. Layered and echoed, they seem to approach from every corner of the track whilst fading in and out of themselves, further adding to the dream-like quality of the album.