Infinito 2017 – Melanated Rhymer (prod by Illsugi) on vinyl only @culturepower45 @infinito2017 #biko70 @nappy9folics animation Styles #75dab #gtd #aco

Vinyl on Culture Power45 Infinito 2017 – Melanated Rhymer (prod by Illsugi) from the album by Infinito 2017 – 7102 Pan African Paragraphs Black and Blackest (Limited 12 inch Vinyl L.P.) This Vinyl is super limited Hip Hop, Boom Bap, Awareness, Self Love, Unity and Purpose. Infinito 2017 Music designed to narrate a revolutionary mind over the backdrop of beats by ILLSUGI. Just straight up meaningful lyrics over raw gritty, dirty underground rugged music. Animation by Marcellous Lovelace for #75dab #aco #gtd @nappy9folics #HipHop #biko70 #infinito2017 #art #boombap #cp45 #culturepower45 #protestart #joelefthandrecords #soulmusic artwork by Marcellous Lovelace (#Nappy9folics) #raygun81 Orders start September 10, 2020 releases by October 26, 2020 Produced by ILLSUGI CP4571027290

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Ka Sekhem – Dion Brown – blocks off cottagegrove (instrumental album) and more

blocks off cottagegrove (instrumental album) 

Infinito 2017 The Fall of Modern Day rome Is At Hand (RE RELEASE)

ML7102 – Me Escaping My Basement and the Joys of Her Areola Lotion

CD: Dion Brown – Back Then Beats

 link: ML7102 – UNRECORDED 

LINK: American Poverty Fray and Tay Sound Track 

Don’t Chase White Clouds   

GET CD: vortx of distorsun – Time Moves In Slow Motion Alone


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Slow Motion Silent Migrants by Marcellous Lovelace

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Tape Hiss by Dion Brownlink to album:





vortx of distorsun somebodies cognitive telecast from hanger antennas

vortx of distorsun

somebodies cognitive telecast from hanger antennas 

01 oh lord man please

02 rice wild lime juice

03 giving you smart

04 on stolen lands with bad crys

05 small conjunctions in black sundowns

06 blaakk motion

07 down a clouded memory land (no pictures please) skit

08 decent moon gone

09 fury gone (drink water hands up)

10 breed babies new life 

11 fight against oppression

12 slow empty calm

13 an extension of a complicated nothing 

an album Your Right of Defense Against Unlawful Arrest: Fighting in rhythmic drums mixed with poetic words the Watts California Band has come together to create sonic revolt walking in a Nina Miles Max Art Ensemble Of Chicago broken down with the Blues from the pain in Louisiana!

Brown Heru In Space by Efua Dalmar Nwugo and Marcellous Lovelace

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Brown Heru In Space is a beat album  made for the Dj and the everyday beat listener who is seeking a variety of instruments and unique sounds from a sampler. Efua uses big beat drums mixed with bumping filters, southern bass and a variety of funky drum patterns that will have you traveling the world engulfed in very fresh soul album with an afro beat blend. On this LP Efua is joined by veteran musician Marcellous Lovelace of Chicago who adds nice analog compression, Brazilian instruments and South Side soul. You will enjoy the vibes of this amazing combination of universal African Music.