INFINITO 2017 – Vacuuming Flat Round Earth Anti Pro Vax Bleach Lies Bubble (LP)

This is the Insanity of a Vacuuming Flat Round Earth Anti Pro Vax Bleach Lies Bubble. Infinito 2017 writes, you must treat yourself with kindness and consideration before you can know what kindness and consideration is! I did art showings and the concepts the art schools taught were a waste of time. My art was normally free from distractions because I learned self empowerment from X and Lumumba the art schools labeled me a problem. I’m writing free collaboration to remove boundaries. Well the mind should denounce all eurocentric rhetoric immediately and not empower any aspect of it. Accepting oppression as a forwarding reality is death. This will lead to a people failing themselves. Those that do it exist in a pointless reality. 9/10/2042 this is Education for Email only, I will not Talk or text I Am Not on earth to help you. I’m mainly concerned about the key to my pad, because I Live here you are adult who needs help I will Report all of this info to your robots. Know it’s just interesting to me. I’m sitting here getting ready to go running and I got this book of ideas I write down and videos, sound bites I make etc … These things motivate my movements. I’m always seeing in life how outside of my creative ideas many are creating outside of themselves. I’ve never had a problem reassembling from me. This slave narrative we reside in keeps pushing a robotic nature upon individuals and especially the youth… but either way thank you for the support and keep expressing yourself as is no filter … I’m a highly appreciative person towards anyone who helps me so it’s just positive to share! This is the Insanity of a Vacuuming Flat Round Earth Anti Pro Vax Bleach Lies Bubble.




Reaching Inside For Me Self Lone

SunDay Part One

SunRay Part Two

She Be Wanting His Sexxx

Unwanted Usage of My Time Being Used ft Infinito 2017

Jumping Over Micro Sleep

Drifting River North Nothing

So They Thought They Passed (Not Sub Urban Mix)

Escapism Living Outside they Bubble

Melodies of The Incorrectness

Leaving Her Arizona Naked

Not Watching Zero Media (West Lords Mix)

Written + Produced + Arranged by Marcellous Lovelace (South Phoenix, AZ) Mixed + Mastered by Vortx of Distorsun (Watts, CA) via; Email When I was young my mother wouldn’t let us get all the cuts and designs in our fades My Late Uncle Frank allowed my cousins to get any lines they wanted I always thought that was dope, NEPHEW OF FRANK RECORDS // CUE BALL ENT. My Birthday is October 26th; I just make an album and release it I draw the cover and save as the file as a 6000×6000 TIFF / PSD About 400 – 1200 DPI convert to JPG of a original idea I create Featuring my cousin Infinito 2017 // Hornets Projects // Helena Surreal #75dab #biko70 #nappy9folics #aco #gtd [not like other people] Tuesday October 26th 2021 Art by Marcellous Lovelace

Infinito 2017 x Positive Black Nationalist – Support Black Business @joeleftpromo @infinito2017 #joelefthnadrecords #infinito2017

Infinito 2017 x Positive Black Nationalist – Support Black Business

Walk Into Your Own Understanding
Arranged Mixed and Mastered by JELANI

Elongation Ritual Email (Freedom of Man)
Arranged Mixed and Mastered by IKE (ee-keh)

You Are Powerless Against Africans
Arranged Mixed and Mastered by HINDOWAH

Reverse Suffrage Tax Into Fire
Arranged Mixed and Mastered by IMARA

Receive That Is Owed You
Arranged Mixed and Mastered by IKECHI

African Liberation Saving Self
Arranged Mixed and Mastered by KANI

Blacknesss Biznesss Around The Serpent
Arranged Mixed and Mastered by MUEFUNA

Desert Sand Ending Colonizers
Arranged Mixed and Mastered by Bibi

Produced by Positive Black Nationalist
Production Studio: 7Chakra9Ether Nairobi, Kenya
Vocals Recorded: by Khalid Unknown Watts, CA
Arranged Mixed and Mastered by Positive Black Nationalist /
art by Nappy9folics #75dab bonus sounds by KUE

Infinito 2017 – Segment of the Black American Entertainment Work @INFINITO2017 @JOELEFTPROMO #INFINITO2017 #joelefthandrecords #hiphop

Freedom: Black People Are the Entertainment to this stolen land Art by Marcellous Lovelace we are not the work and labor for another’s advancement, they gain you work. You work they vacation at NCAA tournaments you work but you work and their children go to private schools but your community has poor education and schools are closing. They get Marshal Acts you get a drawing on the ground not even a wall but the ground they don’t like your life you go to work and be happy to buy junk that they don’t need or want you go to work you are labor #marcellouslovelace #blackart #painting #colored #drawing #freedom #75dab #biko70 #raygun81 #african #model #design Black Music no outside influence #cancelcolonizers / follow @infinito2017 on your media

(c) 2021 Joe Left Hand Records
produced by Dion Brown
all Lyrics by Infinito 2017
art by Marcellous Lovelace #75dab
recorded + arranged by vortx of distorsun (Watts, CA)

Eye Run It by Jaefkae x Abeatchemist (Download Now) #joelefthandrecords #Jaefkae #Abeatchemist @joeleftpromo @JalenKobayashi @abeatchemist

Eye Run It
by Jaefkae x Abeatchemist

Eye Run It by Jaefkae x Abeatchemist (Joe Left Hand Records)
Twitter: @joeleftpromo @JalenKobayashi @abeatchemist
“Eye Run It”, by Jaefkae and Abeatchemist, is a sprite of Chicago RAP. JaefKae will definitely blow your mind on “Get Wit It”, rapping about the cradle-to-grave pipeline faced by Black Indigenous youth. Hear the elements of Hip-Hop, the Wepa, the inspirations from Gwendolyn Brooks, from Cécile Fatiman, from the Black Indigenous Ancestors who created these art forms and with whom allowed us to partake in the pleasure of enjoyment. This is a boast, as a reclamation of sight (Eye), as well as signal to the city and beyond (Run It).

The songs were written on the West, North, South, and East sides of Chicago in descending order of presence. “Time Precious”, and “Capital” were written in Puerto Rico, and were the first songs finished. “Capital II”, was written to provide a second opinion on the beat, as the drums run everlasting like words. Each song has at least 500 words, making them a labyrinth of metaphors, themes, and hidden messages. Each song was written with the intention of Revolution, of Peace, of Love, and of Honor, to our People, the Ancestors, and the Earth. These songs should be taken literally, and received subconsciously. They are Powerful.

released September 18, 2021

Credits to JaefKae’s Mother, Alycia Kamil, the Family, Black Indigenous People, Weed, and Water. May this project rain blessings on all those who listen.

Artist: Jaefkae
Album: Eye Run It
Producer: by Abeatchemist
Arranged by Jalen Kobayashitwitter: @joeleftpromo @JalenKobayashi @abeatchemist

KobaKosso (Publishing)

Art by Marcellous Lovelace // Nappy9folics
Catalog: JLHERI

Album: Blocks Off Cottagegrove – See They Lame Joe #music #hiphop #instrumentals @joeleftpromo

Blocks off Cottagegrove
See They Lame Joe…

Mission Back of the Yards
Down That Block Joe
Pig Cameras Everywhere
Deformed Streets Edge
Around A Corner Store

You must balance all of your dreams and destroy the fantasy of a fake reality. We reside in the hoods, off the blocks from wild to O’s; we so Southside Chicago folks just don’t know Moe, so we prevail and push the cart up the Blocks off Cottage Grove Joe.

Album: Infinito 2017 – Analysis of Fictional Science Trust No Microwave Made Conditioning @infinito2017 #infinito2017 #joelefthandrecords

This music will raise self esteem and show love of self and kind!  We live in they bubble, we are the machine, we produce cotton and cook the seeds. We are the work they are the disease, build your immune system and stay clear of what detours living. We are not animals; we are not your entertainment. We only overthrow corruption, we will never submit. Don’t accept a suffering that leads you through a robot machine. When you are living and breathing it is your responsibility to think for yourself. Don’t be programmed by a parasites forced confusion, think! Black people must destroy everything that is not beneficial to them and create what is needed to survive. Your colonial oppressor can’t be your judge and jury; their laws will always be biased in their favor. This is the stereo communication from Infinito 2017 presented in the original compositions of Analysis of Fictional Science Trust No Microwave Made Conditioning with the pounding production from Life Line Eternal. This music will raise self esteem and show love of self and kind!

(c) 2021 Joe Left Hand Records // produced by LIFE LINE ETERNAL

Segue production by ml7102 all Lyrics by Infinito 2017

Art by Marcellous Lovelace #75dab Infinito one (ASCAP)

Mixed & arranged by vortx of distorsun (Watts, CA) #cancelcolonialism

British Peony Spectrum (segue)

Plants Hanging

Under Value Oppressors

Sympathetic Crooked Apologies

Not Real World Leave

Have Joy Black People One ft. God is a Brother

Original Man Composition

Grace Over Water (segue)

Don’t Negotiate Same Noise

Traditional Outfits Side D

Made Up Illusions

Have Joy Black People Two ft. God is a Brother

Album: Infinito 2017 – No Mythology Lies or Folklore #infinito2017 #joelefthandrecords

You are not meant to be controlled by another person, you are living and you are free. Your story should not be based off what an oppression designs to detail to you. You are worthy of reparations and your life segregated from your oppression due to the contest of idiotic jim crow laws that will not determine any outcome. Infinito 2017 and Dion Brown with the awareness of Joe Left Hand Records produce intelligent Black Music to save every Black Person Inside what they create.


released June 30, 2021

Folklore Derived Mentions
Dear Condolences
Careful Stairs Towards Prosperity
Part Time Shopping Clerk
Save Every Black Person Inside My Rhymes
Mythology Bot Segue
Algorithm Compu Bots
Dismantle Day Unannounced
Unusual Appraisal Utensils
No Mythology Lies or Folklore Introduction Part

Catalog #: JLHNMLOF

by Infinito 2017

Album: Infinito 2017 – Resistance Mental Health People Unplug Self #music #hiphop #infinito2017

The struggles of Black people working through expansion seeing through oppression surviving the unwanted reality. The human mind is primitive to accept any conditioning. Be a rebel that will destroy your racist media, we support black life over racist slave patrol. Empower self because those that are evil will always neglect you! I’m empty I have absolutely nothing else to offer my oppression, not that I’ve ever offered it anything ever. Suffering for me is supposed to be an accepted norm in a toxic society of parasites. These parasites leach on to all other life forms and drain all that is living from us all. (From: You Can Kiss My: Not Wanting to be In Your Oppression Blackness (Jargon’s, Run On Sentences and Broken Slang book by Marcellous Lovelace)


released July 29, 2021

(c) 2021 Joe Left Hand Records
produced by Dion Brown
all Lyrics by Infinito 2017
art by Marcellous Lovelace #75dab
recorded + arranged by vortx of distorsun (Watts, CA)
catalog #: JLHRMHPUS

Album: Infinito 2017 – Cancel Colonialism and its Oppressors They Tax 3/5$ Chattel (In Stereo) @infinito2017 #infinito2017 #joelefthandrecords #cancelcolonialism #75dab #biko70

Stream ALBUM at Itunes #infinito2017
Those who are angry and upset at the world have forcibly pillaged, colonized and stolen the land from the innocent indigenous population globally. Those that call themselves settlers have carefully forced themselves upon others who do not want anything to do with them through a collective path of destruction on those they don’t regard as important. This type of ignorant, maniacal, thinking has not served humanity any purpose what so ever and the general population have suffered mightily. As a positive research artist Infinito 2017 with the production help of Dion Brown have come together to create a thought provoking work of artistic excellence with “Cancel Colonialism and its Oppressors They Tax 3/5$ Chattel” to counter the atrocities of those who steal land from others and normalize this crisis upon people. The unwanted colonizers, settlers land thieves shall regret all of their evil activities. The savage settler colonizer has created labels and other branding tools upon everyone in the world while killing major populations and committing genocide while destroying the environment with hopes they can fly away to the moon. No higher power or nature will ever forgive these hateful manipulations of others, so we the positive people of love and unity create thoughtful intelligence to over throw negativity. Listen closely to the music Infinito 2017 has crafted and learn more about the origin of man and the original populations of the world who never harmed anyone while we lived in peaceful harmony.
No Digital Until July or October 2021 [Maybe]

  1. Think Carefully Verse
  2. Black Teaching Black Kids
  3. Abnormal Rhyme Structures (Stay Part)
  4. Her Burner Call Collect
  5. Escape Ing Adjectives (Journal Two)
  6. Cancel Colonialism
  7. In Black Love Sequel
  8. Homework Paragraphs
  9. Not Buying Respect
  10. Facts Expand Actually And
  11. Byourname
  12. Think to Cancel Colonial Oppression Outro

© Copyright 2021 Joe Left Hand Records
produced by Dion Brown
all Lyrics by Infinito 2017
art by Marcellous Lovelace #75dab
arranged by vortx of distorsun (Watts, CA)
Catalog # JLHCCO