2007 // Vinyl Only Re-Release: Infinito 2017 – For The Love of Naked Black Woman



A Leo in the Sun
Aires and Fire
Aquarius So Giving
Cancer Moon Seeds
Capricorn Mean Earth
Fire Sagittarius Jupiter
Only Gemini Faces
Pisces Be Fishing
Scorpio Love Break
Taurus The Bull
Virgo Critic
Yellow Libra Day

Beats Rhymes about what loving Black Woman is to me. #infinito2017 art by KEBO [MIAMI]

Produced by EFFECCTIVE
Recorded at Grandmother House (Memphis, TN)

Infinito 2017 – Searching Love Around Basic Plan It

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We are an extension of our understandings and experiences on this planet. We only know what we are able to comprehend as we teach our self the basic resources for survival. Words are simple examples of thoughts communicated, so love is subjective in our translations. This album was written by Infinito 2017 outside of the lines and restraints of oppression. The album was produced by Material iLLside inside a land where we seek our independence. This album was arranged by ML7102 in Watts California, the only thing that’s important is freedom!

©2021 Joe Left Hand Records
Produced by Material iLLside
Arranged by ML7102 (Watts, CA)
Art by Marcellous Lovelace
Lyrics by Infinito 2017 (Infinito One /ASCAP)

ML7102 – Popculture Sucks #ml7102 #joelefthandrecords @joeleftpromo

Underwater we walk the land barefoot looking for a nice night time bottle of freedom. We call ourselves children with no plan, looking for the heat. Position gets more change but still broke. These Themes Recorded sound as narrated by Avalon Park bullet dodgers from crawling night. Young colored Poisoned minds listening closely cleaning cracks and buckets. Flying freelance dance moves from noisy tunnels covered in writers who love clean walls, yards and lines that style wild freaking out neatly covered face mask protection. We used to sing momma lord black Jesus helps us explain again basic computations from additional additions sounds composed and mixed by self.

released February 15, 2021

Produced by ML7102 / CP45JOE204 / JLHPCS
(C) 2021 Joe Left Hand Records / Culture Power45
www.culturepower45.com / www.joelefthandrecords.com
Limited edition release

Now: Infinito 2017 – Can You Please Use Your Own Mind #infinito2017 #joelefthandrecords #blackmusic #hiphop #music

Limited Edition Compact Disc: Infinito 2017 one who seeks completion writes masterfully on “Can You Please Use Your Own Mind” using music as a sound art, transforming a peoples suffering inside colonial oppression into a life mission to free the Natural African mind by all means necessary. The adjective Black life should be based on the restructuring, reeducation, self awareness, serving a purpose and mental redevelopment of overcoming the endless noting of saddened land thieves. You are fake your life is fake if you trust capitalism will save those who they enslaved. Infinito 2017 teaches through music and creative sound art “Can You Please Use Your Own Mind” over the heavy jazz induced boom bap original sounds of Dion Brown. Don’t become another clone of imitations, phony and lost personal denial of your own progression. Can You Please Use Your Own Mind, Please free yourself from the nothing! Art by Marcellous Lovelace #biko70 #infinito2017 #75dab #nappy9folics #raygun81

Produced by Dion Brown
featuring Ińnana Rosè and God Is a Brother
Mixed and Arranged by vortx of distorsun
#aco #gtd www.infinito2017.com