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75DAB Don’t Bite Copy or Clone, Black Music, Thinking Music, Upliftment, Revolutionary, Conscious Hip Hop, I cannot create to please other people or attempt to gain undesired attention. For me appreciation comes from likeminded energy and minds. If we connect that’s positive if not that’s even better, love yourself and create for you first is the meaning of overcoming social confusion, euro imperialism, racism and psychological destruction of the common man. 75DAB Don’t Bite Copy or Clone is a construction of sound art by Marcellous Lovelace performing as Infinito 2017 in apocalyptic colonialism. Infinito 2017 has created over 800 albums under that name and more under many self made groups, bands, crews, aliases and other unsocial ways of completion and completing creative ideas minus outside support or purpose but to service a purpose in the land of enslavement corruption and service. Inside colonialism it’s no such thing as a good life for black people when it comes to euro failure rules, please protect yourself inside this fake reality. Produced entirely by Dion Brown, Mixed by Vortx of Distorsun, recorded at Black Person in Phoenix.

Note: The CD and Digital Stream (Itunes Spotify etc release on 4/22/2020)
Dedicated to my Cousin the Late Albert Cooper and X

Video: Infinito 2017 – SONIC VOCAL TRANSMISSION (prod by Dion Brown) from the album Super Pro Black Life Minus Devils @INFINITO2017 #infinito2017 #hiphop #aco #gtd #blackmusic

Video from the Album “Super Pro Black Life Minus Devils”

Video: Infinito2017 – SONIC VOCAL TRANSMISSION (prod by Dion Brown) #joelefthandrecords #infinito2017 #75dab #biko70

Infinito 2017 – SONIC VOCAL TRANSMISSION (prod by Dion Brown) from the album Super Pro Black Life Minus Devils / Produced mostly by Dion Brown for Joe Left Hand Records: Limited Edition Compact Disc (out of print) Infinito 2017 – Super Pro Black Life minus Devils by South Side Chicago’s Infinito 2017 is the intellect of overcoming evil in the form of lyrics. Infinito 2017’s writings tell a story of Freedom, Justice, and Equality with beats and rhymes using the history of developing style with importance and dynamic range. Super Pro Black was designed through animated sonic aptitude plus enrichment towards a teachable goal for Super Pro Black’s creativity with art as sound. Loving of heritage through self in god giving me the opportunity to create is an important element for a perpetual guide of life. As a Hip Hop innovator it’s important to see myself as a super power champion leading the people in a positive direction with music. Super Pro Black Life minus Devils is my version of a graphic narrative on wax. The album was produced mainly by Dion Brown featuring a few unreleased tracks. Super Pro Black is boom bap in its pure form with no frills, gimmicks, fakeness, name brands or fashion, this album is a diss track for those who Bite Copy and Clone to exist. Artwork by Marcellous Lovelace #75dab / #biko70 JLHSPBLMD #infinito2017 #joelefthandrecords

vortx of distorsun somebodies cognitive telecast from hanger antennas

vortx of distorsun

somebodies cognitive telecast from hanger antennas 

01 oh lord man please

02 rice wild lime juice

03 giving you smart

04 on stolen lands with bad crys

05 small conjunctions in black sundowns

06 blaakk motion

07 down a clouded memory land (no pictures please) skit

08 decent moon gone

09 fury gone (drink water hands up)

10 breed babies new life 

11 fight against oppression

12 slow empty calm

13 an extension of a complicated nothing 

an album Your Right of Defense Against Unlawful Arrest: Fighting in rhythmic drums mixed with poetic words the Watts California Band has come together to create sonic revolt walking in a Nina Miles Max Art Ensemble Of Chicago broken down with the Blues from the pain in Louisiana!

Brown Heru In Space by Efua Dalmar Nwugo and Marcellous Lovelace

out on bandcamp and itunes by search

Brown Heru In Space is a beat album  made for the Dj and the everyday beat listener who is seeking a variety of instruments and unique sounds from a sampler. Efua uses big beat drums mixed with bumping filters, southern bass and a variety of funky drum patterns that will have you traveling the world engulfed in very fresh soul album with an afro beat blend. On this LP Efua is joined by veteran musician Marcellous Lovelace of Chicago who adds nice analog compression, Brazilian instruments and South Side soul. You will enjoy the vibes of this amazing combination of universal African Music.



Threatening Music x Brash and Abrasive 

Joe Left Hand Records

At Joe Left Hand Records we ake music … We do not keep up with the latest trends and we don’t judge the creative process of the artist on our label. Please take the time and listen and research our artist throughout the world.

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:: NEW CASSEETTE TAPE:: Experiment of The #RayGun81 Vol. 1 – Infinito 2017

Experiment of The #RayGun81 Vol. 1 – Infinito 2017 (out of print)

  • look for the ::NEW CASSEETTE TAPE:: at Underground Stores on Line

Positive Hip Hop Album of None Commercial Styles being broadcasted over various sounds.

A collection of many years of Tape Deck Styled Recording from Infinito 2017. At this point we

lost count of the discography of Infinito 2017 / Marcellous Lovelace. Look for many new records

and older recording on Vinyl / CD’s / Tapes as time permits.

Side A.

  1. Anyways (KingBoom Remix)
  2. Barathary Gland ft. Mr. Skurge (prod. Dj Waht)
  3. Tascam Recorded (prod. Radio75)
  4. Sauteed Mushrooms (prod. Radio75)
  5. Unemotional Man (produced by 2017)

Side B.

  1. Listening Party Intro (by Dj Waht)
  2. Low Noise Mechanism – Audio Function (prod. KingBoom)
  3. Chilling in the Sun (Remixed by Doc Singe)
  4. Etc … ft. Fatnice (prod. Dj Waht)
  5. Congo Square [demo] (prod. Thaione Davis)

Made in Canada – http://www.infinito2017.com
Mixed and arranged by Dj Black Goggles [vortx of distorsun]

NEW: Unorthodox Poets Society out soon

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